Tree Felling and Palm Removal

Tree Felling and Palm Removal
Tree Felling and Palm Removal

Tree removal is neither an easy decision nor a straightforward task. Custom Tree Services, however, has been assisting homeowners and landholders to remove trees from properties for over 12 years. We have the experience to ensure your tree removal needs are very well looked after.

Why Remove A Tree

Before a tree is removed consideration should be given to how removal will affect the property in question.

Custom Tree Services inspects trees for cracks caused by possible storm damage or age, splits in trunks and accessible branches, as well as the appearance of pests that may degrade the integrity of the tree. 

The most common reasons to remove a tree are detailed below:

End of Life

Dying, Diseased, Structural Failure

Construction and Renovations

New construction work or renovation to existing buildings is impacted by the presence of nearby trees.

Property Impact

Potential damage to property caused by branches, roots and falling debris.

Storms and Liabilities

Storm damage is all too real on the Sunshine Coast, and liabilities exist for trees damaging property and power lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the critical factors in tree removal is the potential for property damage to occur from falling debris, and the main trunk. It is much safer to allow a professional team to remove a tree to ensure damage is mitigated by removing trees in sections.

Prior to attending a site it is preferable it be cleared of any obstructions that may impede Custom Tree Services’ staff and machinery. For tenanted property it is advisable to notify tenants well in advance to ensure vehicles and people are safely removed from the area.