Service Line Trimming

Service Line Trimming
Service Line Trimming

As home and property owners, we are responsible for the cutting of trees on our property that may interfere with our own electric service line or private electric lines, or even private electric lines on an adjoining property.


Trees near other electric lines that cross your boundary or trees within your property near the electric lines in the street are the responsibility of the Electricity Distribution Company.

For safety reasons it is recommended that cutting of trees be done before trees grow to within 1 metre of an insulated electric service line and 2 metres of a bare wire electric service line.

If the trees are closer to these electric lines than the clearances above, or where cutting may cause branches to fall onto electric lines, do not cut them yourself as this may pose a risk to both yourself and your property

Other considerations need to be taken into account when working on trees that are next-to or near-by electrical power lines or have electrical lines running through their branches.

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Due to the hazards faced and the potential for considerable out of pocket expenses if something goes wrong, it is highly recommended to have all service line trimming performed by a professional.